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Four Important Facts About Spray Booth Filters

It can be argued that the most important component of the industrial paint booth is the air filter. A good filter will increase the efficiency of your booth whilst also helping to keep workers safe.

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Workers operating in poorly ventilated spray booths find themselves at risk of developing respiratory conditions, whilst businesses that run a booth without proper ventilation face legal action on health and safety grounds.

Let’s take a look at some key things you should know about these essential pieces of safety kit.

Air Filters Should Have Top Priority on the Maintenance List

Filters should be checked as a matter of priority when routine maintenance is carried out on your spray booths. All spray booth filters need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis, with each only remaining good for a certain number of spray hours.

Track Your Typical Usage

Each air filter has a finite number of spray hours when it will work effectively, so it is highly important to keep careful watch on the number of hours the spray booth is working. Your spraying activities will have a massive impact on the amount of time a filter will work for. A booth that sprays 25 cars a month will need far fewer filter changes than one that sees 200.

By determining average usage as well as keeping track of any atypical demand, a paint shop can adequately plan a maintenance schedule and change filters as and when they become fouled.

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It Is Possible to Schedule Delivery of Filters Automatically

Many suppliers offer an automatic delivery service of filters for spray booths. This helps in a number of ways: streamlining the process, so that it takes the brainpower out of remembering to order them, as well as acting as a timely reminder that the filters may need to be checked and replaced.

Overuse Can Cause Clogging

There is generally more than one filter in a spray booth, but the exhaust filter is the most important. The exhaust filter tends to do the lion’s share of the work, as they have powerful fans which run at top speed throughout much of the work day.

Your exhaust filter should run best for about the first 50 hours of spraying and should be changed every two weeks or so in normal use.

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