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4 Ways You Can Effectively Deal with Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is an umbrella term for a psychological phenomenon brought about by prolonged isolation from the outside world. In more serious cases, it can be likened to claustrophobia, which can lead to elevated feelings of distress, anxiety, and loneliness. Other symptoms include decreased motivation, poor sleep quality, irritability, etc.

Due to the required social distancing protocols, many people are experiencing cabin fever for the first time. For some of you, this is the first time you’ve ever had to quarantine for this long, and it could understandably be difficult, especially if you live in a house with too many people and too little privacy. Often, people just chalk cabin fever up to irritability or stress but knowing the symptoms and recognizing that you have cabin fever means you can address the issue more efficiently.

Here are some ways you can deal with cabin fever at home.

  1. Carve out some alone time

Do whatever you can to get some private time, whether it be locking yourself in your room or going out to the balcony or garden. Being around the same people all the time can aggravate your cabin fever, so recharge yourself by spending time alone. Part of your alone time is disconnecting from social media or other forms of communication like emails or texts, so don’t bring your phone with you to avoid the temptation of checking it now and then. Studies show that cutting down your screen time even by an hour daily greatly improves your mood, so it’s best to do so to alleviate cabin fever-induced irritability and depression.

  1. Drink alcohol

Alcohol is great for numbing stress, keeping your mind off your worries, and calming you down. This is a great short-term solution, but remember that everything must be done in moderation, so if you have any health conditions or if you feel yourself approaching your limit, you should stop.

  1. Take a relaxing shower or bath

A long, hot bath or shower can help calm you down. The water can have a soothing effect and being alone with your thoughts for a prolonged period is akin to meditation. You can add to the calming effect of the bath by lighting a scented candle or making it a bubble bath. Seeing as the end seems to be far off still, it’s a good idea to invest in high-quality baths or showers from JT Spas.

  1. Engage in a calming hobby

Keeping your brain busy helps ward off cabin fever. Hobbies like writing, painting, knitting, etc. keep your mind off stressful situations and give you something to be productive about during quarantine. You can even make a humble business out of your passion projects.

Quarantine is challenging for all of us, but there are healthy ways to cope. Take this chance to learn a new skill or revive a hobby you abandoned because you didn’t have time back then. Stay connected with other friends and family through social media or texts. Establish boundaries with the people you’re living with to avoid arguments and hostility.

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