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5 items to refresh your old wardrobe


How many times did you think “I don’t know what to wear!” while looking at a wardrobe full of perfectly fine clothes? Of course, I’m only saying perfectly fine, because even though they look like it, you’re tired of wearing that same dress you wore 2 years ago at your cousin’s birthday, or that shirt you’re wearing in 60% of the pictures you have of yourself. If you feel like it’s time for a refresh, then look no further, because I have just the shopping list for you!

A pair of Chelsea boots

Starting off with the shoes, if you haven’t purchased a pair of Chelsea boots already, it’s high time you did it. Apart from being classy, versatile, and elegant, these boots are going to open your eyes and help you see that being fancy can also imply being comfortable with what you’re wearing. Not only that, but the rainy season is coming, and what better thing to protect your feet than a sturdy, warm pair of Chelsea boots?

An Irish sweater

Versatile, beautifully designed, and incredibly soft due to the high quality of the Merino wool it’s made of, the Irish sweater is the crown jewel of sweaters around the world. Highly water-resistant, easy to clean, and more comfortable than your own bed, this timeless piece comes in a variety of colors ranging from classic off-white to a beautiful dark blue, and it can easily be paired with any other item of clothing you can think of. This not only gives you the possibility of looking fashionable and stylish but to achieve that without sacrificing comfort. Priceless. If you don’t have one already, we would recommend choosing an authentic one from Tara Irish Clothing and their wide range of traditional jumpers.

Plain T-shirts

This is a purchase that needs to happen from time to time. I know, I know, we all love colorful T-shirts with bright designs and quirky texts, but you should know by now that sometimes simplicity is the highest form of elegance. Pairing a plain T-shirt with a flannel, or tying an Irish sweater on top of it is as cozy and attractive as it is simple. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself, you’ll thank me later!

Long-sleeved shirts

Whether you’re buying them for your partner or plan on wearing them yourself later, this is something that shouldn’t be left out of anybody’s wardrobe. Even if we’re talking about fancy, white shirts or colorful bright ones, you should have one for any occasion. When it comes to shirts, the most important thing you should look for is the material. Try to go for linen or cotton, since they’re the most comfortable, and let your skin breathe properly.

Quirky socks

Since we went through the basics, we shouldn’t forget the item that adds the most personality to your outfit: the socks. Plenty of times, we see people wearing neat suits, looking all stiff and business-like, and when we look down, we see their favorite Stegosaurus socks peeking out of their shoes. This is something one should always remember: you’re never too old or too important to wear the socks you like. And yes, that absolutely includes the ones with the days of the week! And who knows, if you’re feeling extra funky, you can even wear the Saturday ones on Tuesday!

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