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3 atypical European destinations perfect for an autumn trip


If you ask any of your friends that are not professional travelers what Europe is known for, they will most probably say something about London, the Eiffel tower, and maybe Greece. However, Europe is a big and diverse continent, with 50 countries and a population of almost 750 million people. If you plan on visiting Europe this autumn but don’t know what other lesser-known destinations to add to your list, here are 3 places that you should definitely visit, as well as what you can occupy yourself with once there and what food to try out.

Edinburgh, Great Britain

If you plan on visiting a country this autumn, there is no better choice than Great Britain. The weather there is usually associated with constant overcast and heavy rains, so such a trip can really please the pluviophile’s. I would suggest October as the best month to go there, because of the pleasant evening, warm days, and colorful parks. Apart from the great weather, Edinburgh is known for its remarkable architecture, rich history, castles, and palaces. In case you love to spend your vacation in an active manner, there are many hiking places nearby. In terms of food, there are plenty of traditional dishes such as haggis, black pudding, and smoked salmon, so that everyone can find something right for them.

The Aran Island, Ireland

Ireland is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, pompous castles that you can spend a night in, high-quality alcohol, and St. Patrick’s, so it shouldn’t surprise you that this country has a rich history and culture. There are many activities that you can do in a few days there: you can hop on a bus trip and visit the sea cliffs in historical sceneries in just a day, you can take a ferry and go to the Aran Islands for a day, to discover the islets on a bike, or you can even become a lord or a lady for buying a little piece of land. In terms of souvenirs, a safe choice would be the Aran sweater; whether you’re buying it from the Aran Islands or getting your woolen Irish sweater from online stores, it makes a wonderful gift for this cold, rainy weather. For foodies, a full Irish breakfast or an Irish stew with a glass of Guinness will make a memorable meal.

Gdansk, Poland

The beautiful country of Poland is located almost in the very heart of Europe and it is known for its amazing Christmas markets and fairytale-like cities and towns.  The city of Gdansk is located in northern Poland and it is known for its striking architecture and proximity to the Baltic sea which is especially beautiful during the colder season. The country’s most important seaport is located in Gdansk, as well as many other museums and chapels. Once there, don’t forget to try the famous pierogi, dumplings filled with delicious cheese or vegetables such as potatoes and mushrooms. The savory ones are served with four cream and fried onions, while the sweet pierogi that are made with jam or fruits are often served covered in juice.


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