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How to hunt down that leak in your central heating system

Water leaks in your heating system can be a common occurrence in winter. If you don’t fix it quickly, you could be looking at having to fix expensive water damage. How can you hunt down that leak?

Signs you have a leak in your heating system

These two telltale signs will let you know you have a problem:
– Your central heating makes whooshing and hissing noises
– Your boiler loses pressure every time you turn it on and has to be topped up

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Finding the leak in your system

You may not be able to fix the problem yourself, but you can make a heating professional’s job easier by pinpointing where the water is coming from. If you don’t want to have to get a new boiler installed in Gloucester, the following three steps should help you to find that leak:

Step 1: Top off the boiler with water
This should tell you the size of the leak you’re dealing with. Fortunately, bigger leaks are easier to find. Just top off the boiler with water and check how long it takes for the water to drain. The quicker this happens, the bigger the leak.

Step 2: Check the boiler for leaks
Place sheets of kitchen paper or coloured paper under the boiler and surrounding pipes. You’re looking for water droplets on the paper. When you spot them, try to trace them back to the source of the leak. Do a thorough visual inspection of the boiler, paying particular attention to any T joints.

Step 3: Check your radiators

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If the boiler isn’t the problem, your radiators could have developed pinhole leaks. If a visual inspection fails to spot anything, place paper under all your radiators and check for telltale water spots.

Do I need a new boiler?

Before you get a new boiler installed in Gloucester, try checking the pressure relief pipe and valves. If there are visible drips on the exterior wall where the pipe vents, you could have a faulty valve. Try taping a small plastic bag to the pipe to check for leaks.

What if I can’t find a leak?

If you can’t find a leak, you need to call the experts as soon as possible. Leaks that go undetected over time can be costly to put right.

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