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Warm-Weather football Training and the Benefits you receive

Bikram yoga, which is done in extreme heat conditions, might be your personal idea of hell, but looking at warm weather training advantages in football, you might be surprised at its benefits. It is true that you might be tempted to get outside with your sneakers strapped on when the crisp, cool weather of autumn beckons. This is why more and more football teams play outdoors on a grass pitch and some go a step further and invest in a Fabric Roof from links including to go over the pitch to protect the players from severe weather conditions.   However, start to push yourself more in the heat of summer and you will experience improved performance and many other benefits.

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Plymouth Argyle’s manager, Derek Adams, released a statement that his squad will be training for their next games in Costa del Sol, Spain. He mentioned the benefits of warm-weather training as opposed to freezing temperatures in the UK as the only reason why they will be travelling to the warmth of Spain. Several other coaches have followed suit, making it interesting to understand the benefits.

Warm-Weather Football Training Drills

A football training drill in cold weather causes more injuries with tightened muscles, which is why any athlete must “warm up” prior to any exercise. Mentally, warm weather acts as a training stimulus as a team, and management build camaraderie. While psychological preparation is vital, warm weather is a motivator.

Players are not getting soaked with showers of rain and wind-dried while they are trying to warm up. In the UK, especially, many sports teams prefer to train abroad.

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Warm-weather since the risk of straining or pulling muscles is reduced with pliable muscles. Research shows that vitamin D deficiency leads to sporting injuries as well.

Solar Energy

Vitamin D, which you get naturally from the sun, can actually improve reaction time, stamina, speed and muscle strength. Harvard Educational research shows that moderate sun helps to reverse seasonal affective disorders and improves bone health. It motivates players and people, in general, to be outside and engage in physical activity.

Research shows that athletes have a 7% improved performance when working through heat and at the same time performed better during cooler temperatures and environments. During football training drills, you need to elevate your body’s core temperature.

You want to remain at elevated core temperatures for a minimum of one hour after training in order to reap the benefits of warm-weather training, which is somewhat difficult when you train inside the UK.

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