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Why is Irish butter different from the rest?

Irish butter which is unique, rich, and full of flavor, is a European-style butter that contains a higher butterfat content than regular butter. This means it has a richer, creamier texture which in turn adds more flavor to it. American butter contains around 80 percent butterfat but European butter supersedes that with around 82 percent, as it is churned for longer periods. The additional 2 percent of butterfat will increase the flavor and make it more appealing. Additional water is added to American butter but this inhibits the spreading, so this is one reason why Irish butter is of a higher quality.

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Flavour, texture, and colour are factors contributing to quality

Although both kinds of butter will appear similar in appearance, the variations lie in the churning and in the breed of cattle that produces the milk. These elements all have an effect on the flavor, texture, and colour.

Some butter appears bright yellow and this is attributed to the cream from which the butter is made. The colour can be attributed to grass-fed cows as grass contains high levels of beta-carotene which gives the butter a yellowy hue. The beef from grass-fed cows is renowned for having more nutrients than grain-fed beef, and similarly, connoisseurs of butter and margarine will taste the same difference with regard to grass-fed cows. Butter deriving from grass-fed cows also contains more Omega-3 fatty acids.

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Irish butter is of premium quality and used in recipes

Just as Irish butter is of premium quality, so too is the clothing. Aran is one of the iconic symbols of Ireland and a stylish men’s crew neck Aran sweater can be worn with just about anything. Smart or casual, they make ideal gifts and can be obtained from retailers such as

According to The Irish Echo Irish butter is the perfect ingredient for a range of Lenten meals.

As Irish butter has a lower water content than other butter, this means that pastry chefs will relish the flakiness that it produces. There is less water to react with the flour, so pie crusts will be perfect. The extra 2 percent of butterfat makes all the difference in recipes, so cooks and pastry chefs tend to choose Irish butter over other competitors to ensure their creations are distinct in flavor and texture.

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