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Why England Remains A Holiday Hotspot

The weather may be unpredictable, possessing the capacity to change from blazing sunshine to torrential rainfall in the blink of an eye, but England remains a favorite holiday destination for tourists from both home and abroad. Even with unpredictable rain we still see people wearing a Bugatti Short Sleeve Shirt and sunglasses when the sun is slightly shining. For businesses providing all kinds of clothing, you could try  While foreign tourism has been consistently strong for a number of years, with most visitors from abroad opting to visit iconic destinations such as London and Stratford-upon-Avon, many domestic travelers have been choosing to spend their holidays overseas. However, a recent survey has revealed that the number of Britons deciding to holiday within England has increased over the past year.

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Increase in popularity

The results of the extensive survey, conducted by Visit England and reported in newspapers, showed that the number of domestic holiday trips taken in April 2014 (one of the first major holiday periods of the year due to Easter festival) had increased by ten percent over the equivalent period the year previously. The amount spent by tourists had also increased by six percent.

The major factor that most Britons would probably point to when deciding whether to holiday in the UK or abroad is the weather. While England may not be able to compete with some of the finest Mediterranean resorts in terms of sunshine hours and average temperatures, when the sun comes out here it truly is a delight. The fact that the nation’s finest beaches are often packed during the warm weather proves that the residents of England enjoy a good dose of sunshine as much as anyone.

A rich diversity of attractions

In comparison with many other tourist-centric countries across the world, England is fairly small in size but this in no way inhibits the fantastically rich diversity of its holiday destinations. It is perhaps this very diversity of attractions that keeps England near the top of the tourism charts. From the hustle and history of London, one of the most visited cities in the world, to the natural beauty of the undulating landscape of the Lake District and the coastal charm of the English Riviera in Devon, England really does offer a little something for all tastes. This contrast of style and aesthetic beauty is a real boon for those who live there. With the large guest houses with perfectly fitted interiors and creature comforts in the bathroom and fitted wardrobes with lots of space to hang things up.  Whether situated in the rural charm of a quaint seaside village or the wide-open spaces of the countryside, a holiday in England is sure to appeal to a wide range of holidaymakers.

There are not many other countries which possess the rich history and cultural heritage of England. Tradition is a very important part of life here and this extends from the unique charm of the English seaside to the vibrant atmosphere of the major cities. Even the weather is beginning to play nicely on a more frequent basis, broadening the appeal of a summer holiday in England still further.

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