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Five Ways to Give a Marquee the Wow Factor

When you are looking for temporary staging or an outdoor event location, a marquee is an ideal choice. Highly customizable, robust and attractive, marquees can be adapted to suit all occasions and purposes. Their flexibility also means that you can give them a real ‘wow’ factor by choosing different features and configurations. Here are some of our favorites but if you are bewildered by all the options you can rely on the services of the events team to guide you and if you use the Events Agency Dublin based company they can plan and execute your event from start to finish, leaving you to enjoy yourself.

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The TriCone Marquee

This layout joins together a single marquee from three structures, providing standalone areas around a single communal area in the centre. It can work very well where grouping is required. The canopy connects to each of the three bays, and you will find plain or clear PVC materials on offer as well as canvas. This choice is unusual and great where you want a central feature such as a lounge or bar.

Bell End Extensions

These provide a different finish as an entry canopy or an alternative to the more traditional flat gabling. Again, these provide extra space and visual interest and are available in plain or clear finishes.

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Curved Roofs

These are very elegant, and a curved apex provides visual interest and interior space. They work well too for walkways. When you choose a marquee you will find this a popular option for large corporate events and exhibitions. These are also popular for more popular tensile structures like those found outside schools and colleges, providing extra gathering and reception space for events and classes.

Pagoda Marquees

These are fantastic for creating custom entrances to your main event space. You can use a series of adjacent pagodas – a simple layout which instantly adds an interesting design feature to your overall layout and allows you to filter guests through different doors.

Cruciform Roofing

This structure allows different marquees to be joined up in order to give total ground clearance and a generous interior. There are no legs blocking walkways every three metres – instead, there are 9-12 metre openings that sweep on to each area. It’s a great way to create an extension space for a stage or dance floor without blocking any lines of sight.

So it isn’t necessary to stick to standard shapes when it comes to creating your marquee. The right shapes and additions will help to create the space that you need to host the perfect event.

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