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Jogging or dancing: what should you choose?

Another year has passed and one thing that is probably on most people’s New Year’s resolutions list is to start living a more healthy lifestyle. That’s easier said than done because people don’t know where and how to start. The rule of thumb is to start eating healthier and start exercising. When it comes to exercising, most people instantly think about jogging. After all, jogging is the most popular form of exercise. However, there is one type of physical exercise that is often overlooked, and that is dancing. Not only is it very beneficial for your health, but it is also extremely fun to do!

Health benefits of dancing

Both dancing and jogging are great for burning calories. However, how many calories a person burns depends on body size, as well as how much and how often the person is exercising. Running burns more calories per minute, but in order to burn a lot of calories, you have to run for at least 45 minutes to an hour, which requires a lot of stamina. A dancing session lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour, and depending on how intense and physically demanding the dance moves are, you can burn less or more calories. For the ultimate calories burner, you should try the Irish dance. If you are thinking about taking up Irish dancing, Irish dance shoes can be found here Irish dancing increases muscle strength and muscle tone, as well as muscle endurance. It also improves flexibility and coordination, promotes cardiovascular and lung health. Dancing also has emotional benefits. It stimulates the production of endorphins, which improve your mood. Apart from that, it’s a really fun exercise that stimulates your creativity and allows you to express yourself and let go of all the tension that you’ve accumulated during the day!

Dancing is more convenient than jogging

Jogging is a pretty convenient form of exercise overall. You just need a comfortable pair of running shoes and a tracksuit and you’re good to go. However, what if the weather is bad? What if you live in an area where it’s constantly raining? What about extremely cold weather? Besides, we are going through a pandemic and we have to stay inside as much as possible and keep the social distance. In these circumstances, jogging might not sound like such an appealing option. Dancing, on the other hand, is very convenient because you can do it indoors. Now that you can’t go to dancing classes in person, you can learn by yourself. This can be more convenient for many because there’s no pressure to keep pace with other dancers. Besides, you can do it at any time of the day. Maybe you are working until late in the evening and you don’t feel safe going out for a run that late. Dancing is a good option in that case because you can just do it in the comfort of your room at any hour, provided that you won’t bother the people you are living with.

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