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Contemporary vs Traditional: How to Choose Your Radiators

One question facing anyone who wants to buy a new radiator is whether they would prefer a contemporary or traditional style. With the range of radiators available ever increasing, it may be helpful to have some guidance regarding the factors you should consider when choosing your radiator.

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Obviously, one of your primary concerns when choosing a radiator is how well it will meet your requirements and heat your room appropriately. More traditional radiators tend to be simpler in design, which may make things easier for you as well. A contemporary radiator may be more complicated but is also likely to offer a more effective and innovative service.


In the modern world, energy-efficiency has to be one of the first things you think about when choosing any piece of technology. You want to protect the environment and save yourself money. Obviously, contemporary radiators are more likely to meet with modern standards of energy-efficiency. Advice on other ways to make your heating system more efficient is available.


You do not want to have to replace your radiator soon after installing it, so you want one that is guaranteed to last. This is another way to be more efficient. It is easy to assume that traditional radiators have better longevity, but this is not always true. This is another area where you have to check individual radiator specifications rather than rely on whether it is traditional or contemporary.

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Whilst the practical concerns have to be at the top of your list, you also want to make sure your radiator looks right in your home. Whether you choose a traditional or contemporary design is likely to be affected by how modern the rest of the room appears. Alternatively, check what do column radiators look like and see how some column radiators can suit both traditional and contemporary rooms.


When considering how your radiator will look, you have to think about the area where it will be situated. Luckily, both traditional and modern radiators come in a range of sizes. You could have a smaller radiator that will not take up too much of your limited space or a larger one that makes a statement in the center of a bigger room. Either way, you still have the choice between traditional and contemporary.


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