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HHS Advocates Call on Garrick & Hollingsworth for FAMILY RECOVERY BUDGET

7 October, 2010 (20:24) | Grassroots Action | By: HHS Network CA

HHS Network partners made a big splash on the (almost) final day of the budget impasse.

Yesterday the Budget Conference Committee signed off on the final budget proposal, as you probably know.

About 75 people from the HHS Network groups met in the Capitol to sing songs to Republican Big 5 Members Garrick and Hollingsworth, then swarmed into the hearing room. It was a fantastic crowd of people and lots of angry excitement – disappointment that there are few new revenues in the budget, but relieved that the process is almost over.  Folks from CUIDO stayed in Garrick’s office throughout the afternoon.

The rest of the groupsang the much-loved budget songs in the halls – to remind some legislators that without revenues, we will have the same problem next year – and we were welcomed and thanked by many legislators for being there.  After Senator Ducheney announced that the hearing on the final budget was over, the group sang in the hearing room too.

There was lots of media coverage … click here!

The legislature will probably vote today (Thursday) and then it will go to the Governor’s desk. There will be vigils in Oakland and around the state to remind the governor not to make any additional “blue pencil” cuts.

The vigils will mark that there were many losses as well as some things to celebrate – for instance, there were no cuts to families receiving child care subsidies.

Click here for more videos

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